Volvo S60 2010

Bilen som man tror ska bli Volvos räddning, nya S60. Det har siats fram och tillbaka om Volvo, inte minst att det ser ut att bli en försäljning från amerikanska GM till kinesiska Geely, men de senaste dagarna har tongången varit en annan, att man ser betydligt större möjligheter i Volvo och till och med överväger att inte sälja. Nå, blir detta ”räddningen”? Enligt Volvo är det den sportigaste bilen de någonsin byggt. Inledningsvis kommer S60 ha tre tillgängliga motoralternativ, två dieselmotorer och en bensin. Nedifrån upp har vi D3, en 2-liters dieselmotor på 163 hk, 400 Nm följt av D5:an, en 2.4 liters dieselmotor på 205 hk och i toppen har vi beninsmotorn, en 3-liters T6:a på 304 hk. Fler motoralternativ kommer att bli tillgängliga längre fram, mer information om detta finns i press releasen längre ned. Vad vore Volvo utan deras säkerhetsstämpel? Man har tagit vara på det genom en ny innovation, kallad Collision Warning System, ett system som om nödvändigt kommer aktivera bromsarna fullt ut.

Några snabba tankar om utseendet. Jämfört med tidigare S60 så är det en tämligen radikal förändring. Vi ser att de nya dragen följer storebror XC60:s utseende. Aggressivare och framförallt sportigare än dess föregångare. Om gamla S60 var för en halvgrå gubbe känns denna mer som för paret med nybildad familj. Jag kan tänka mig att det kommer råda delade uppfattningar om bilens utseende, även om bilvärldens uppfattning tycks vara positiv. Interiört å andra sidan finns inte mycket att sia om, det är klassiskt Volvo, stilrent och snyggt, i min mening ett föredömme i klassen. För mer information följer en press release nedan.

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Press Release

  • All-New Volvo S60 makes its international debut at Geneva Motor Show 2010
  • New Dynamic chassis tuned for an active drive
  • Features the ground-breaking Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake technology

Today, Tuesday 2 March 2010, the all-new Volvo S60 made its international debut at the Geneva Motor Show. It launches into one of the automotive world’s most competitive segments backed by an elegant new coupé-like design, dynamic driving characteristics and ground-breaking Pedestrian Detection safety technology.

In its overall shape, the all-new S60 is a coupé; sportier and more distinct than any previous Volvo. In its design, it promises excellent driving characteristics, even before you get behind the wheel. To deliver the highest levels of driving enjoyment, the chassis team have refined every single detail that influences a car’s driving properties and fine-tuned the driving experience to offer the most dynamic ride ever seen before on a Volvo.

The all-new S60 range will be available from launch with a choice of two diesels and one petrol engine, including an uprated high-performance 3.0-litre T6 petrol version with 304bhp, a 2.4-litre 205bhp D5 and a 2.0-litre 163bhp D3 powerplant. A DRIVe version powered by a 1.6-litre diesel engine with CO2 emissions of approximately 115g/km and fuel economy of up to 65.7mpg (combined cycle, preliminary figure) will join the range later in 2011.

In its overall shape, the all-new S60 is a four-door coupé – sportier and more distinct than any previous Volvo.

The C-pillar of the all-new S60 stretches all the way to the tail lamps – and the slim coupé -like roof line is accompanied by a new contour on the shoulders on either side of the lower body. This creates a gentle double wave in the line from the headlamps at the front to the tail lamps at the rear.

The S60’s athletic stance is accentuated by a sculpted bonnet and short overhangs front and rear, plus what Volvo’s design team calls the ”racetrack” design. The car’s lines do not end abruptly but instead continue to flow organically, echoing the smooth shapes of the racetrack.

This sporty appearance can be further enhanced with an exterior styling kit that incorporates front and rear skid plates, two frames in the lower valence, side scuff plates, exhaust tailpipe finishers and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Volvo’s designers have also used LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology to create distinctive, signature lights at the front and rear that make the car clearly identifiable as an S60, even in the dark.

The all-new Volvo S60 is being introduced with a range of exterior colours including two new shades: Vibrant Copper and Electrum Gold.

The new Volvo S60 is the most sporting Volvo ever built and during the development process, the chassis team refined every single detail to fine tune the driving experience. The result of their labours is a newly-developed Dynamic chassis, standard on every new Volvo S60.

The steering gear ratio is 10 per cent faster than in previous models to give enhanced steering feel and sharper response. The steering column’s thicker tubing and stiffer bushes have increased torsional rigidity by 100 per cent. This also contributes to the increased feeling of direct contact with the wheels and the road.

The front spring struts have thicker pistons compared with the sports chassis in the Volvo S80. The resultant 47 per cent increase of stiffness means that the body structure is better able to absorb lateral loads. The springs themselves are shorter and stiffer than before and the Eigen frequency has increased by 10 per cent. At the front, spring strut mounting stiffness has increased by 50 per cent. The front and rear subframe bushes are up to twice as stiff compared with previous models. The link arm bushings have also been optimised for sporty driving and full control.

The damper mountings at the rear are made of PUR (polyurethane) instead of rubber to provide better balance between comfort and dynamic control.

Stefan Sällqvist, responsible for the S60 chassis development explained: ”We spent many weeks fine-tuning the dampers out in the English countryside. We drove on old Roman roads that have only ever received a few layers of tarmac over the centuries – a perfect environment for finding the right damping qualities.”

Advanced Stability Control
The Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) in the all-new S60 has a number of sophisticated features to improve driving pleasure and safety. The S60 is the first saloon on the market with Volvo’s Advanced Stability Control. With a new roll sensor, it’s possible to identify any skidding tendency at a very early stage. This means that the anti-skid system can step in earlier and with greater precision. Advanced Stability Control is a great asset in dynamic driving that involves considerable lateral forces.

New Corner Traction Control for smoother curves
The dynamic new chassis is backed up by a range of electronic systems that further sharpen the sporty driving experience. Corner Traction Control is a new feature that uses torque vectoring so the car takes corners more smoothly. This technology is a further refinement of the DSTC system. When taking a curve, the car’s inner driven wheel is braked at the same time as more power is transmitted to the outer driven wheel. This allows the driver to take the corner more tightly while reducing any tendency to understeer.

Advanced, integrated braking functions
A highly advanced braking system is an important part of the dynamic driving properties of the all-new S60. A number of features interact to provide the shortest possible stopping distance in all scenarios. Technology includes: